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UltraSimple Diet — Was it Worth it?

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UltraSimple Diet — Was it Worth it?

My week on the UltraSimple Diet (from the book The UltraSimple Diet: Kick-Start Your Metabolism and Safely Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 7 Days) is officially over, but as I’ve discovered nothing in this program is ever as simple as the name suggests.

The “week” has already become three weeks, with more to come: first was the prep week when I got completely off caffeine, sugar, wheat, and a few other things and did my shopping and preparation for the actual diet.

The second week was the “official” diet week. This is now over.

Day 1
Days 2 & 3
Days 4 & 5
Days 6 & 7

Now I’m into the third week, the back end of the diet. This includes two weeks of Phase 1 where certain foods are still on the no-no list but I’m able to add a few things back in.

Then comes Phase 2, an indeterminate time period when I’ll be re-introducing foods which are common allergens (wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, etc.) to see whether I tolerate them.

Although it’s a bit aggravating to embark on what you think is a week-long program and find out it’s really a couple of months, that’s not the reason I’m now asking myself, “Was it worth it?”

The Practical Perspective

I looked first at the practical aspects of the diet.

  • This diet was not simple. Yes, it was great that everything was mapped out, step by step, and that the doctor provided checklists for everything. That part was simple.

    However, adjusting to all the changes was far from simple

  • It was expensive – even though I did it on the cheap.

    Dr. Hyman sells a complete supplement kit for UltraSimple dieters through his website. It provides most of the additional supplements and the rice protein for shakes that the diet calls for. Price tag? A whopping $495. (The rice protein alone was $75!!!)

    I sourced my own supplements online, and made some substitutions. My biggest cost savings was in deciding not to use Dr. Hyman’s recommended rice protein, but to use the nut shakes recipes instead.

    My cost for the supplements was about $125, in addition to supplements I already have on hand and use regularly. I also spent about $170 at Whole Foods over two weeks. Now, granted, some of that food money would have been spent anyway, but normally my food budget is much lower than that. So let’s say I normally would have spent half that amount for groceries, or $85.

    Total out-of-pocket cost for the diet:

    $7.99 for the book (Kindle e-book version)
    $125 supplements
    $85 groceries
    $10 miscellaneous
    $217.99 TOTAL

Next I looked at what was promised vs. the benefits I experienced.

Here’s What the Doctor Promised

In a chapter titled Benefits of the UltraSimple Diet, Dr. Hyman states, “Many people begin to experience some or all of the following after this 7-day program.”

What the Doctor Promised My Experience Worth It?
Weight loss of up to 10 pounds Weight loss of 4 pounds This is a monumental achievement for me – sometimes it can take me four months to lose four pounds. Definitely worth it!
Better digestion and elimination My digestion hasn’t really been a problem, but I was definitely going to the bathroom a lot more on the diet Neutral
Fewer symptoms of chronic illness My chronic illness is Type 2 diabetes, and I did have some fantastic glucose readings on the diet. Fasting, 97 one day and post-prandial 100. Compared to normal fasting around 120, post-prandial around 110. Absolutely worth it.
Improved concentration, mental focus and clarity I noticed a big improvement around day 3 Absolutely! This was an unexpected but very real bonus
Improved mood and increased sense of internal balance Some days yes On the days when I got enough sleep, I felt happier and my overall mood was lighter. However, most of the days on the diet I did not get enough sleep, so overall, no
Less congestion and fewer allergic symptoms I didn’t have a single morning where I woke up with my eyelashes glued together, and I did a lot less sneezing and nose blowing Yes
Less fluid retention It’s spotty. For example, my feet and ankles are less swollen, but my hands haven’t changed much Yes
Less joint pain Normally I notice my knees if I have to go up or down stairs. Didn’t have to do so at all during the diet, but I did yesterday and it was very painful Neutral
Increased sense of peace and relaxation No difference No
Enhanced sleep There were a couple of nights I slept really, really well, but there were more nights where I slept very badly No
Improved skin On the contrary, I actually had a couple of zits pop up while on the diet No

The lower glucose and improved concentration and mental clarity are huge improvements for me, and make the diet worthwhile even without any other benefits. Adding the four-pound weight loss really tips the scales in favor of “worth it.”

I am a bit disturbed by the sleep problems, though. If I can’t get enough quality sleep, that will throw my hormones out of balance again, and I’ll be back where I started.

Canker Sores and Skin Rashes

Doctor Hyman also lists a slew of problems that may be improved by the diet including canker sores and skin rashes.

Sadly, I developed two canker sores during the diet, after not having any for months.

I also have a persistent rash on my right ankle, which actually grew worse toward the middle of the diet.

And Another Thing. . .

The UltraSimple Diet also states the program may help with another list of conditions. While I don’t suffer from arthritis, asthma and allergies, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, headaches, heart disease, IBS, inflammatory bowel disease, menopausal symptoms or menstrual problems, I do have Type 2 diabetes and an wheat/gluten allergy.

This is where I’m most encouraged. As I posted earlier, my fasting glucose measured 97 on Day 7. This is a significant drop – huge, in fact – from my normal reading of around 120. Also, I had one postprandial measurement at 100, down from around 110-115.

If my glucose continues at these new levels, I will be ecstatic! If I can improve them, even more so.

So – was the diet worth it?

Yes it was!

Learn more about the UltraSimple diet, or click here to purchase the book.

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  1. Wheat allergies are a lot more common than those people think.


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