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Solve Your Blood Sugar Problems

Solve Your Blood Sugar Problems

The beta test group I mentioned a while back has wrapped up, and I’m now free to share more about it.

During the test period I shed just under 15 pounds, my fasting glucose dropped from between 115-120 to around 90-92, I felt more energetic, I was sleeping better, and I felt more cheerful and optimistic.

Quite an improvement in just a few short weeks.

It wasn’t an easy program (although I found it easier than the Ultra Simple Diet plan I had written about previously).

But, man, did it get results!

Here’s the outline:

  • First, spend a couple of weeks eliminating all sorts of baddies from your diet including sugar and caffeine
  • Next, spend four weeks following a food plan designed to actually reverse your Type 2 diabetes
  • If your case is stubborn or you’re still not where you want to be, repeat for another four weeks
  • If you’re happy with results, gradually reintroduce a few foods and see how you tolerate them. Eliminate any that cause inflammation, blood sugar spikes or other symptoms
  • Rinse and repeat as needed
  • Oh, you want details? There are plenty of details to be had. You can find them all in the book, The Blood Sugar Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman.

    I’m a big fan of Dr. Hyman’s. He’s a functional medicine doc, and his approach is practical, pragmatic and it works. He’s more concerned with helping you achieve health than he is with medicating disease, and he believes your fork is your most important weapon in the fight against diabesity.

    He’s been all over the talk shows and the news with this book, and deservedly so.

    You can order the book from, and I heartily recommend it. (If you order from the link below, I’ll earn a tiny commission. It helps me keep this site going.)

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