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Introduction to PACE


My fitness workout is based on the PACE program developed by Dr. Al Sears. PACE stands for Progressively Accelerating Cardiopulmonary Exertion.

I had bought Dr. Sears’ PACE program, had been receiving his emails and visiting his website regularly for over a year without putting it to use. Then he did something that really got my attention!

Dr. Sears started tellling us about a patient named Terry. Terry was very overweight, and so out of condition when she first went to him that the only activity she could do safely was walking.

So Dr. Sears developed a personalized PACE program for her. For the first several weeks, all Terry did was walk for 45 seconds and rest for 45 seconds, walk for 45 seconds and rest for 45 seconds. She did this for 20 minutes at a time, three times a week.

After 4 months she had lost 45 pounds. After six months she had lost 68 pounds. By walking. For 45 seconds at a time.

And I thought, “Damn!”

“I can do that!”

I dragged out the box that my PACE program had arrived in and started reading again, and this time I read with the intention of actually implementing what I learned.

I’m pretty unfit right now, and I have some problems with my knees. This means I can’t run or bike. So I decided to start my workouts in the pool. I re-joined LA Fitness. I’ve been going to the pool for a couple of weeks now, and initially I just worked on swimming some laps and staying afloat.

When I felt ready, I started implementing some of what I was learning about PACE.

I strongly recommend, if you’re interested in doing PACE with me, that you purchase the book yourself since Dr. Sears includes huge amounts of valuable research and information. There are links on the website.

The PACE program is built on the concept of the sprint being a more natural form of exercise for humans than the marathon. It increases your lung capacity and heart health – endurance cardio does not. It helps you to shed fat rapidly. It provides lots of other benefits.

Best of all – for me anyway – it doesn’t take a lot of time. About 20 minutes, three times a week.
Even I can do that!

To follow along with my workouts, take a look at my daily fitness logs on the website.

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