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I’d Really LIKE to Eat my Vegetables!

I’d Really LIKE to Eat my Vegetables!

From the town of Las Tablas, Panama

A few weeks ago moved from Florida to Panama.

I’ve been here three weeks now, and eating has been an interesting challenge. . .

I flew into Panama City and spent one night there before going to Las Tablas. I arrived here in the late afternoon, and the next morning I woke up early — about 6 AM — feeling sick as a dog.

Something I had eaten or drunk did me in.

I spent the day groaning in my hotel room. Fortunately by the following day I was feeling better, and was back to normal within a couple of days.

I had hoped this move would be good for my health

So far, not so much. For starters, I spent the first 2-1/2 weeks in hotels, forced to eat all my meals in restaurants. And while there are plenty of wonderful restaurants in Panama City, when you get into the country they all offer pretty much the same things.

And none of the things they offer are vegetables.

The more forward-looking places will serve an ensalada verde, or green salad. It consists of iceberg lettuce, two very thin slices of tomato, and possibly two very thin slices of cucumber. Sometimes onion slices are included as well.

Cooked veggies? I haven’t seen any.

The picture above shows the healthiest restaurant meal I’ve been served since arriving in Panama. Scary, no?

The grilled chicken (pollo a la plancha) was absolutely wonderful. It came with about 1-1/2 cups of white rice (you can find brown in the grocery store) and the teeny little salad you see. The little things on top of the tomato were kernels of corn (canned, I think).

I ate the chicken and the salad, and a few bites of the rice.

So it was a huge relief to find a house to rent and be able to get into my own kitchen.

In the grocery stores, vegetables are, well, pathetic is the word that comes to mind. So I need to find the best farm stands to get good produce.

Fortunately with all this, I’ve been getting more exercise. I’ve been walking a lot more, just to get around town, so my glucose numbers haven’t suffered too much.

Moving to a new place presents its own unique challenges when it comes to diet. Even if you’re just moving from one town to another in the same area, you need to find different sources for foods that will nourish you. When you move to a different country, though, the challenges become much bigger.

I’ll keep you posted. . .

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