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How Important is What You Eat?


Anybody who doesn’t think diet and diabesity go together hasn’t been paying attention.

I posted recently about this new beta test program I was in. The food plan eliminated all the major inflammatory and addictive stuff that Americans tend to ingest — gluten, dairy, caffeine and sugar for starters — for six weeks.

After a very short time on this plan, my fasting glucose, which had been hovering between 115-120 for months, dropped. Then it dropped some more. I was getting readings of 91, 92. Big difference.

Then I went away for the holidays to visit family. While there, I did my best but it was impossible to stick with my food plan. Fasting glucose shot right back up to the high hundred-and-teens. Within a couple of days I had gained back 3 pounds.

I’ve been home now for less than 48 hours. This morning, my reading was 102. Not where I want it to be, but a big drop from just a few days before. And the only difference was diet.

I haven’t weighed myself yet, but judging by the way my clothes are fitting most of that excess poundage is melting away as well.

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