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Help! I’ve Fallen Off the Wagon and I Don’t Think I Want to Get Back On!

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Help! I’ve Fallen Off the Wagon and I Don’t Think I Want to Get Back On!

It’s been a rough week.

Since my recent posts about my results from the UltraSimple Diet here and here, the ride’s been a bit bumpier.

Some of the downsides:

  • Having problems sleeping again
  • Gained back half a pound
  • Blood sugar readings back up to where they were before I started the whole program
  • My stress levels are through the roof
  • I’m an emotional wreck

Some of the upsides:

  • My brain is still unfogged
  • I still have some energy

Since my last posts about the diet, I’ve started the process of reintroducing possible allergenic foods.

Food Allergies

On July 4, I enjoyed corn on the cob at our cookout with friends. I even threw caution to the winds and put some — gasp — butter on it! (Dairy isn’t scheduled to get added back for quite some time yet.)

In the next few days, I had corn and corn products with no apparent ill effects. I didn’t have any digestive upsets, no new rashes, hives, trouble breathing, I didn’t feel hyper or irritable. . .

Until I started getting blood sugar readings that were right back up in the ranges I was used to before I embarked on this plan.

Irritable is an understatement. I totally lost it. KABOOM! (So much for the calmness I bragged about in my recent post about entrainment.)

Logic vs. Emotion

My logical mind is saying, “Corn must be the culprit since it’s the only change I’ve made. Ok, so I guess I have to cut corn out of my diet again, at least for a while.”

But my emotions are screaming, “Fraud! Failure! Loser! You’ll never succeed! This program doesn’t work! You’re always going to be fat and tired and sick! You’ve gone through this program for nothing”. And my emotions are a lot louder than my logic.

See, I’ve spent years fighting with my weight, and losing the war. I’ve known for years that weight loss wasn’t as simple as counting calories and fat grams, because for years I’ve not lost weight when all the “experts” said I should have.

It’s not until recently I understood why, and I really thought this program was the beginning of the solution.

But that doesn’t solve the problem of years’ worth of negative self-talk.

What About Family Support?

My husband is definitely fed up. He’s tired of not knowing what I can and can’t eat, especially since he’s been pretty skeptical all along about my attempts to get healthy.

He seems to be able to consume gallons of heavily sugared iced tea every day, eat a breakfast of nothing but cereal, milk, toast and other carbs, enjoy ice cream, potato chips and all sorts of foods that would send me into orbit, with no ill effects whatsoever. When it comes to food, it’s like he’s speaking English and I’m speaking, I don’t know, Zulu or something.

My goal is to regain a healthy metabolism and to feel good, but for today I gave myself permission to fall off the wagon.

I really do like having some energy and having a working brain again. If that’s all I gain from this last month-plus following the UltraSimple Diet, will it be worth it?

I honestly don’t know. I think it’ll take a few days to sort through all the emotional baggage.

How do you cope with setbacks and disappointments?

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  1. I did this diet for a while, but I also fell off the wagon. It was time to step back, go back to my “usual” lifestyle, regroup and rethink how to approach the problem. I can’t speak for others, but for me, I’ve realized it’s a mindset that has to be put in place. Going through the motions is not all that it takes to be a success with anything. It has to be fully embraced. That is its own problem…


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