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Exercise Week Ending August 8


Tuesday, August 3

I didn’t spend much time in the gym today. I had to skip the sauna because of a work appointment, so it was just the pool and a quick dip in the hot tub. I did notice my rest times after each set were shorter than before.

Warmup: 1 lap easy breaststroke, 2 laps easy backstroke, rest 1 minute

Set 1: 2 laps sidestroke, rest 1 minute

Set 2: 2 laps backstroke, rest 1 minute

Set 3: 2 laps hard breaststroke, rest 1 minute

Set 4: 2 laps overhand backstroke, rest 1-1/2 minutes

Set 5: 1 lap combination crawl (arms) and frog kick legs, rest 1-1/2 minutes

Set 6: 1 lap hard crawl, rest 2 minutes

About 3 minutes in the hot tub, then out the door.

Total time in gym: 30 minutes

Thursday, August 5

I didn’t even get to do my entire workout today. I got thrown out of the pool during Set 4 because they had technicians in. The pool at this particular LA Fitness has been having problems with the heating, and they finally decided to do something about it.

After doing so well last week, I only made it to the pool twice this week. Must do better. . .

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