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Exercise Week Ending August 1


This week I actually made it into the pool three times. I’m very proud of myself.

Tuesday, July 27

Warmup: 1 lap easy breaststroke, 2 laps easy backstroke, rest 1 minute

Set 1: 2 laps sidestroke, rest 1-1/2 minutes

Set 2: 2 laps backstroke, rest 1-1/2 minutes

Set 3: 2 laps hard breaststroke, rest 1-1/2 minutes

Set 4: 2 laps overhand backstroke, rest 2 minutes

Set 5: This was something new. I did a full lap of a combination crawl (arms) and frog kick legs, rest 1-1/2 minutes

Set 6: 1 lap hard crawl, rest 2 minutes

5 minutes in the hot tub

12 minutes in the sauna

Total time in gym: 50 minutes

Friday, July 30

Same as above.

Sunday, August 1

I took it pretty easy today. I had pulled a muscle on Friday, so today was mostly just to move and stretch, not so much to get my heart pounding and my lungs heaving.

I did basically the same routine, just didn’t work as hard on any of it, so my rest times were pretty short.

Finished off with the usual hot tub, but extended my sauna time to 15 minutes.

Total time in gym: 1 hour

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