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Exercise: Day 9


Today I changed my routine just a bit. Instead of warming up with the breastroke and then doing a couple laps of backstroke, I combined both into my warmup. I swam one slow lap of breastroke and two laps of easy backstroke then rested.

While I rested after the warmup, I did some stretching in the pool. It actually felt really good!

Set 1: two laps sidestroke.

Set 2: two laps vigorous backstroke. Needed an extra minute to recover after this one.

Set 3: Slightly less than one lap back crawl, but got a faceful of water. I choked and spluttered a bit and had to stop. After that, I tried to do a lap of vigorous breastroke and got most of the way to the other end of the pool before stopping and walking the rest of the way.

Soaked for five minutes in hot tub.

Then hit the sauna for five minutes.

Total time in gym: 35 minutes

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