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Exercise: Day 8


Went to LA Fitness to swim. It’s been a few extra days between workouts (went to Disney on Saturday and walked and walked and walked). The Pool was chilly and empty when I arrived, but while I was there both other lanes were occupied.

To warm up, I swam three easy laps of the breaststroke, then rested 2 minutes. Swam two laps easy backstroke, then rested 2 minutes. Swam two laps vigorous sidestroke, then rested 2 minutes. Swam two laps vigorous backstroke, then rested 3 min. Swam 1-1/2 laps vigorous breaststroke then rested/finished.

Soacked for 10 minutes in the hot tub.

Spent five minutes in the sauna at setting 8. I’m still not very good at this sauna stuff, but the doc recommends 30 minutes a day of sauna as part of the UltraSimple diet I’m starting soon. I don’t know if I’ll be able to manage that long. We shall see.

Total time in gym: 35 minutes

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