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Exercise: Day 6

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The pool was really warm today for some reason. Made it a little tougher to swim vigorously, and my routine was a few minutes longer.

I swam my three easy warmup laps, then rested. Swam two laps of an easy backstroke, then rested. Two laps vigorous sidestroke, rested. Then two laps of a vigorous backstroke, and rested.

Varied the routine a bit at this point — swam two laps vigorous breaststroke and rested. Then 2/3 lap of an all-out crawl. I gave it everything I had and it left me gasping. About 23 minutes in the pool altogether.

Into the hot tub for five minutes, then the sauna for another five. I still can’t get much beyond five minutes without feeling as if my face is going to pucker right off.

Total time in gym:33 minutes.

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  1. amazing stuff thanx 🙂

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