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Exercise: Day 4


I went back and re-read part of the PACE book, and realized I had been doing things a little bit backwards. The Progressive part of PACE means increasing the intensity within each workout session as well as from one session to the next. I had been starting my workout with my most intense effort. Wrong!

So today I started out more slowly and worked up, which is what I should have been doing all along.

  1. I swam three slow laps of the breast stroke to warm up, then rested until my breathing had settled back to normal.
  2. I swam two laps of back stroke, then rested.
  3. I swam two laps of side stroke with a little more intensity, then rested.
  4. I swam two laps of breast stroke as fast as I could, then rested.
  5. I swam all-out crawl stroke for about two thirds of a lap, then rested.

Afterwards I spent about six minutes in the hot tub. Then I added something new: the sauna. LA Fitness has a dry sauna. I stayed in until my lips started to pucker, about five minutes.

Felt really super!

Total time in gym: 35 minutes.

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