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Exercise: Day 15


So here’s the question: can swing dancing qualify as exercise on the PACE program?

I didn’t swim today because I knew I’d be going to the dance. I love to dance — my husband not so much. Over the years we’ve attended the occasional swing dance because several of our kids are really into the swing scene. In fact, when she turned 16 we threw a swing dance party for our youngest daughter.

The occasion this time was the imminant departure of our son, who’s moving in a few days to Los Angeles. Since this was to be his last swing dance here in Orlando, we surprised him by showing up with a cake and other party goodies.

These dances are a lot of fun. They’re held at UCF (University of Central Florida). There’s a beginner lesson from 8-9 PM, followed by nonstop dancing until midnight.

Because dances start and stop, I thought it might qualify as my PACE workout for the day.

Sadly, it did not. Oh, there were plenty of people around me who were getting fantastic workouts — at least judging by the amount of sweat flying!

However, my “expertise” is so limited that I never really moved enough to get my heart rate up where it needed to be, unlike the young friend in the photo with me, who was certainly getting his workout.

I did have a great time, though!

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