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Exercise: Day 14


This was my first day back in the gym after the UltraSimple Diet week. The diet instructions were to avoid vigorous exercise during the week, as it was a time to heal.

I found my rest and recovery times today were much slower. I guess I’ll have to work back up to where I was before that week off.

I did add a fifth set as I’m swimming my laps faster now.

Warmup: 1 lap easy breaststroke, 2 laps easy backstroke, rest 2 minutes

Set 1: 2 laps sidestroke, rest 2 minutes

Set 2: 2 laps backstroke, rest 2 minutes

Set 3: 2 laps hard breaststroke, rest 3 minutes

Set 4: 1 lap overhand backstroke, rest 2 minutes

Set 5: 1 lap hard crawl, rest 2 minutes

5 minutes in the hot tub
10 minutes in the sauna

Total time in gym: 40 minutes

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