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Exercise: Day 12


Got to LA Fitness and all three lanes were occupied. Oh, well.

This was pretty much the same routine as last time, except my recovery times were shorter. Except for my first set, as you’ll see.

Warmup: 1 lap breaststroke, 2 laps easy backstroke, rest 1 minute.

Set 1: I actually worked harder than usual on this. There was a guy in the next lane who was painfully slow. I wanted to see if I could do a sidestroke faster than he could manage his crawl. Sadly, I did. . . but I needed an extra 30 seconds to rest afterwards.

Set 2: 2 laps backstroke, 2 minutes rest.

Set 3: 2 laps vigorous breast stroke, rested for 2 minutes.

Set 4: 1/2 lap intense crawl, then rested.

Hot tub: 5 minutes
Sauna: 10 minutes.

Total Time in Gym: 35 minutes

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