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Exercise: Day 11

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Warmup was the same as for Day 10, but I only needed to rest for one minute. In fact, this session was surprising for me because my rest periods were shorter after each set than they have been. I think that’s a sign of good progress.

Set 1: two laps sidestroke, 1-1/2 minutes rest.
Set 2: 2 laps backstroke, 2 minutes rest.
Set 3: 2 laps breast stroke, rested for 2 minutes.
Set 4: 1/2 lap intense crawl, then rested.

Hot tub: 5 minutes
Saunta: 10 minutes at setting 5. I’m getting better at this — it takes longer before I feel like my entire face is going to pucker off.

Total Time in Gym: 35 minutes

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  1. Ha Ha… you have a wonderful sense of humor. Keep up the great work on your inspirational journey!

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