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Exercise: Day 10


This routine was pretty similar to Day 9. My warmup was one lap easy breaststroke, two laps easy backstroke. Then I rested for two minutes.

You might notice that some days I tell you how long I rested and other days I don’t. That’s because the second hand on the clock at the pool isn’t always working. Some days I can watch the clock, other days I have to count seconds in my head, but that’s not all that accurate. Specially on the days when I do my counting in Spanish just to practice. . .

The stretching I did last time felt really good, so I’m incorporating it into all my warmup/rest periods from now on.

Set 1: two laps sidestroke, rested two minutes.

Set 2: two laps vigorous backstroke, rested 2.5 minutes

Set 3: two laps hard breaststroke, rested three minutes

Set 4: one lap hard backstroke, ½ lap crawl, rested

5 minutes in hot tub

10 minutes in sauna at setting 7

Total time in gym: 40 minutes

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