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Days 4 and 5 of the UltraSimple Diet

Days 4 and 5 of the UltraSimple Diet

Day 4

The day started well, mainly because I finally got a good night’s sleep! I woke up feeling pretty terrific after about 9 hours.

I checked my blood sugar first thing (I don’t do this every day, just a couple of times a week). Much to my surprise, it was 108. It has been running around 120, so this is an improvement.

I also felt really energized. Is this what being healthy feels like? It’s almost scary. . .

After lunch, I didn’t feel the need to nap for the first time since I started the diet. Instead, I went for a walk with my dogs.

I checked my glucose, and it was 100 postprandial. 100! I can’t remember it ever being that low postprandial since I started measuring it five years ago — after only three days on the diet! Woo hoo!

All through the evening I kept thinking of words like “effervescent,” “bubbly,” “excited” to describe how I was feeling. I felt a bit jittery, but in a good way that I associate with fun or excitement.

The downside was, I couldn’t sleep! I lay awake for hours. Felt great the whole time, felt relaxed, mind wasn’t going 100 miles an hour. I just wasn’t sleepy.

Day 5

I started off feeling a bit tired — not surprising since I hadn’t gotten enough sleep the night before. Despite being tired, though, I felt surprisingly clear headed.

Somehow, though, my breakfast routine ended up taking almost four hours, once I was done with everything. There’s so much liquid to get down, I found myself just sipping and taking my time. Fortunately I’m able to do that since I work from home, but I really don’t know how people who have to go off to a job manage this diet. My hat’s off to all of you, for sure!

Anyway, that threw off my whole eating schedule for the day. Lunch was way late. I decided to make the chickpea curry recipe from the book, and it was really tasty! I’ll eat it again, for sure, diet or no.

On a more disgusting note. . . I really don’t understand what Dr. Hyman keeps going on about in the book regarding constipation. He suggests using an herbal laxative daily, as well as magnesium citrate to keep the bowels moving.

I’m pretty ok in that department, so I didn’t even buy the laxative. I am taking the magnesium citrate, and I’m having at least four good-sized bowel movements each day. I swear there’s more coming out than going in.

Hmm. . . maybe that’s the idea. Anyway, it’s probably a good thing I’m not taking the laxative or I’d be spending my entire day in the smallest room. . .

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