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My First Day on the UltraSimple Diet

After a week of preparation, today was my first day on the UltraSimple Diet. I did all the prep last week, including getting myself completely off caffeine, flour and gluten. Some of the other no-nos, like sugar and trans fats, I’ve been off for quite a while anyway, so that was no problem. If you don’t have a copy yet, you can find all the information you need to do this diet, including recipes, checklists and access to online tools. The book is [ad#UltraSimple Diet Book]. Clicking the link will take you to Amazon, where you can purchase a copy. Yesterday I went shopping and bought an enormous amount of vegetables and other organic, whole foods to last...

My First Day on the UltraSimple Diet
posted on: Jun 14, 2010 | author: DiabeticMama

UltraSimple Diet: Laying in Supplies

Before starting the UltraSimple Diet, make sure you have what you need in the way of supplements and such. I mostly order online, so that’s what I’ve been doing. Today, however, I just got an email from one of the companies I ordered from telling me a couple of supplements have been back ordered. I wonder if there’s been a run on these products from all the folks preparing to do the UltraSimple diet this month? Of course, I could have taken the path of least resistance and ordered directly from Dr. Hyman’s website, but I have a problem with docs selling product directly to their patients. The possibilities for letting self interest take precedence over the patient’s...

posted on: Jun 7, 2010 | author: DiabeticMama

The UltraSimple Diet: Getting Ready

Before you can lose weight effectively you have to remove toxins and inflammation from your system, according to Dr. Mark Hyman. We’re all exposed to toxins throughout our lives: polluted air and water, environmental contaminants and heavy metals like mercury in our food supply are a fact of life. Toxins accumulate in fat cells, so overweight and toxicity go together. When we accumulate too many toxins, our livers suffer damage and we develop “fatty liver.” Before we can lose weight, we need to clean out our livers and get rid of the toxins in our cells. Most of us also suffer from inflammation. This is most commonly caused by food allergies. When a foreign invader enters a cell,...

posted on: Jun 3, 2010 | author: DiabeticMama

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