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Being Healthy and Well Adjusted

Being Healthy and Well Adjusted

Our spines and nervous systems are truly wonderous anatomical marvels, far more amazing than the most complex communications center ever devised by mankind. Unfortunately, when everything isn’t aligned properly, communication between the brain and other parts of the body suffers and can result in discomfort and even disease.

Chiropractric adjustments are the answer.

Recently I experienced a different kind of chiropractic adjustment than what I’ve become accustomed to.

I first visited a chiropractor years ago. I kept getting that uncomfortable, tingling, falling asleep feeling in my right arm. Then it started happening to my left arm. I went to a regular MD, who told me a pinched nerve in my neck was the culprit, and there was really nothing to do about it.

Instead of doing nothing, I decided to visit a chiropractor. Turns out I had been storing stress and tension in my spine for so long it tooks several weeks — at three visits per week — before he could get anything to move at all! But after a couple of months, the problem was solved and I felt enormously better than I had.

After that I went for chiropractic adjustments from time to time when something felt out of place.

Fast forward to last Saturday. . .

I’d been traveling for two weeks at that point, driving a lot, and my wrists and arms were hurting. I’d also been climbing a lot of stairs — something I almost never do at home in my one-level Florida house — and my knees were yelling at me.

So I asked my niece to adjust me. She practices the Gonstead method of chiropractic, and this was my first experience with it.

I didn’t hear a single pop, snap or crackle during her manipulations. (If you belong to the “make the noise — I live for the noise” school of chiropractic care, prepare for disappointment.)

Everything was done firmly, but very gently. There was absolutely no discomfort. None. Even with an adjustment to one of the upper vertebrae. And she knew exactly what to do for my knees.

When she was done, my wrists and arms no longer hurt, and my knees felt more solid than they had in a very long time.

And all without a single pop.

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