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Disclaimer: Money Making

Recently the FTC, in its infinite wisdom, decided that individuals like me with websites like this need to disclose any money we make. I’m cool with that — I believe in transparency. So here’s my

Big Fat Disclaimer

I plan to make some money from this website. Yup. I do. I plan to do it right away through ads and affiliate links, and maybe down the road through selling products I create.

What’s an Affiliate Link?

A lot of companies allow people like me to “affiliate” with them. What this means is, they provide special coded links to their stuff so when you click on one of those links and buy their widget, I earn a small commission.

One of my affiliates is Amazon. So if you click on a link from this site and buy a book, DVD, digital scale or something else from Amazon, I’ll earn a few cents on the deal. You don’t pay anything extra.

I’m lining up other affiliates as well. The same thing happens: if you click on an affiliate link and actually go there and buy something, I’ll receive a commission.

I don’t want to sell you a lot of stuff just so I can make money. And if I recommend something, it’s because I’ve personally used it and believe it has value. That said, I hope that you’ll use these affiliate links if you’re planning to buy those items anyway.

Why Do I Want to Make Money from this Website?

A few years ago, I ran a site that helped consumers. It was something I felt passionate about, and I poured my soul into the site and my readers. I ran it for about 4 years. During that time I spent well over 40 hours/week updating the information, answering emails, helping my readers, all in addition to my regular job and life. At one point, I was receiving over 200 emails per day, and I tried very hard to answer them all personally.

During that time, I probably slept 4-5 hours per night. That sleep deprivation led pretty directly to my diabesity. . .

Eventually, as you can well imagine, I burned out and had to step away.

It didn’t have to be that way. If I had set the site up to make money, it could have paid for itself and maybe even paid for enough of my time that I could have run it as a business instead of as a volunteer. If that had been the case, I might not have gotten sick, and I might still be helping those people today.

That’s why I decided to set up this site to bring in some revenue, from the start. Because I want to be able to stick around here, and I’m not independently wealthy. (To say the least!)

So here’s what I’m asking you to do: don’t buy something from a link here just because I have a link to it. But if it’s something you would buy anyway, I’d appreciate it very much if you’d use one of my links or patronize one of my advertisers. Fair enough?