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Disclaimer: Medical

I want to make this totally clear. I have no medical training whatsoever. I’m not a doctor, nurse, PA, EMT, exercise therapist or personal trainer. I’m just a reasonably intelligent woman who reads avidly, researches everything that interests her, and draws conclusions.

Please do not take anything I say as medical advice. It’s not. It’s either a reflection of my own personal experience or a summary of information I’ve put together from sources I consider reputable.

Be sensible and exercise your own discretion. Consult your own physician. Do your own reading and research. Listen to your own body.

If I find something that works for me, I’ll tell you. You decide whether you want to try to make it work for you. If I find something that doesn’t work for me, I’ll tell you that, too. Maybe it’ll work for you — we’re all different, after all! If something works for you, I hope you’ll share it.

This website represents a journey. I hope you’ll join me on it.

To your good health!
Susanna Perkins