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That's me!The obesity epidemic in the United States has gotten so big military leaders are now calling it a threat to national security. That’s right – 1 out of every 3 armed forces volunteers is obese. That’s truly shocking.

Obesity is not just a problem of appearance. Obesity makes us sick. Obesity leads to Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, liver and kidney failure, neurological disorders, blindness, and more. Obesity and diabetes are so closely related that some now refer to the constellation of symptoms as “diabesity.”

Despite all the publicity, hype and hand-wringing, the problem is only getting worse. Nine times more Americans have diabetes today than 30 years ago. Over 1 million Americans die of heart disease every year.

I was diagnosed a few years ago with Type 2 diabetes. I had followed a typical pattern — weight gain I couldn’t get a handle on no matter what I did, not sleeping well, stress. . . After a couple years of doing everything I was supposed to do I still didn’t feel any better, hadn’t lost any appreciable weight, and I decided there had to be a better way.

So I did what I do best. I read. I read everything I could get my hands on about diabetes, metabolic disorders, nutrition and exercise. I started seeing a holistic doctor. And, slowly, I started to feel better. Emphasis on slowly.

I signed up for some e-newsletters. I researched and read some more. And finally, I found a group of doctors who seemed to have a real solution for my problems, not just a band-aid.

They insist that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed, and they present compelling evidence. Now I want to find out if my diabetes can be reversed!

This site is an experiment. First, I want to see whether their guidelines work for a 50-something, out of shape woman. Second, if they do, I want to create an easier roadmap for others to follow.

Follow me as I attempt to undo my own diabesity. It’ll be fun — it’s like a reality blog. I’ll document everything I do and everything I screw up, and you can enjoy it while I make a fool of myself in front of the whole world.

If it works for me, it’ll give you a clear path to undoing your own diabesity.

What could be better?