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A Tale of Two Test Strips


A week ago I posted about how disappointed I was when my blood glucose readings went back up to about the same levels they were before I started the The UltraSimple Diet.

I had just re-introduced corn as part of the gradual phase-in of possible allergenic foods when it happened.

Well, I also used up a batch of test strips for my diabetes glucose meter at about the same time. When I rooted around in the drawer for a new batch, I found two. One of them was the new blue type, the other was older. I decided to use up the older ones first.

Makes sense, right?

Yesterday I remembered this and thought, okay, I’m going to test twice. Once with a strip from the batch I just started using, and once with one of the new strips that’s still in the drawer.

Surprise, surprise!

Using the older strip, I got a postprandial reading of 114.

Using the newer strip, I got a reading of 100 — right back where it was before I started eating corn again.

That’s kind of a big damn difference! I’m glad I’m not on insulin or meds, because I suspect it could turn into a real problem.

And yes, before you ask, I calibrated my meter properly for each strip.

So which one do I believe?

Since the new strips are, well, newer, and since I was using them before I started the UltraSimple diet and tracked my diet-related changes with them, I’m sticking with the new blues.

I’m really glad I didn’t let myself get completely derailed in my disappointment at the high readings.

Now I’m back on track, and have lost three more pounds.

As Inspector Clouseau would growl, “swine test strips!”


Just so you know, I use the OneTouch Ultra meter by Lifescan. The test strips I’m relying on are the new “Blue” ones.

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  1. Valuable information and design you have here! I would like to think you for sharing your thoughts and time into your comments! Thumbs Up !

  2. Wow. I could see why you’d be alarmed. Good thing you’re a super sleuth. Haven’t read Dr. Hyman’s book, but just by glancing at the table of contents and the back cover it looks like it’s what the doctor ordered for most folks who are held hostage by the SAD (Standard American Diet). Real Health can be re-gained from REAL food.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Andrew. I appreciate it.

    Deb, you’re so right about real health coming from real food.

    Those of you who understand that food is information for our DNA might want to join in this petition to stop the introduction of genetically engineered salmon and pork into our food supply:

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