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7 Diabesity Blogs You Should Follow


The internet is a great source of information overload, and sometimes it’s hard to know where to go for valuable, interesting information. Here are seven blogs I follow, and heartily recommend to you as well.

  1. The Healthy Skeptic. I’ve just discovered this blog by Chris Kresser, and I’m a big fan already. He writes about many different health topics, and he’s not afraid to call out stupidity and inconsistency when he sees it. Check out his ongoing series on diabesity here.
  2. Dr. Hyman is the doc who created [ad#UltraSimple Diet Book], which I’ve followed and documented throughout this website. This is his blog, which provides a ton of useful, actionable information about health, wellness, metabolism and diabesity.
  3. Dr. Al Sears, author of the PACE Revolution exercise program that I follow, blogs about health and wellness.
  4. Healthy Fellow. Site author JP is a natural health consultant, writer and researcher. He writes about much more than diabesity, and is always informative and entertaining.
  5. True Food Movement. There are lots (and lots, and lots!) of food websites — slow foods, organic foods, vegetarian, vegan, and on and on. I like this one because it’s helpful no matter what your preferred eating style. Gluten and dairy are included in some of the recipes, so you need to pick and choose.
  6. True Nourishment is the blog of health coach Andrea Ramirez. Her articles are interesting and informative, and she can also provide one-on-one coaching to help you get your eating act together.
  7. Dave Soucey is the undieting guy. He writes about why diets are bad, and why you should base all of your weight strategies on a healthy diet first.

Some of these sites don’t talk specifically about diabesity, but they all offer valuable information that can help you on your road to a life free of chronic disease.

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