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3 Food Myths About Weight Loss

Humans and other animals have been genetically designed to respond to food. When I was young, medical science assumed food was just the sum of its calories. According to diet gurus, you could lose weight eating nothing but ice cream sodas as long as you counted your calories properly. Today we know that food is information for our bodies. Food turns DNA switches on and off and either makes us healthy and slim or fat and sick. According to Dr. Hyman, author of The UltraSimple Diet program I’m starting in a couple of days, if you’re fat you’re sick and if you’re sick you’re fat. It’s a 1:1 correlation. Before you can lose weight, you have to improve...

3 Food Myths About Weight Loss
posted on: Jun 11, 2010 | author: DiabeticMama

Exercise: Day 10

This routine was pretty similar to Day 9. My warmup was one lap easy breaststroke, two laps easy backstroke. Then I rested for two minutes. You might notice that some days I tell you how long I rested and other days I don’t. That’s because the second hand on the clock at the pool isn’t always working. Some days I can watch the clock, other days I have to count seconds in my head, but that’s not all that accurate. Specially on the days when I do my counting in Spanish just to practice. . . The stretching I did last time felt really good, so I’m incorporating it into all my warmup/rest periods from now on. Set...

posted on: Jun 9, 2010 | author: DiabeticMama

Exercise: Day 9

Today I changed my routine just a bit. Instead of warming up with the breastroke and then doing a couple laps of backstroke, I combined both into my warmup. I swam one slow lap of breastroke and two laps of easy backstroke then rested. While I rested after the warmup, I did some stretching in the pool. It actually felt really good! Set 1: two laps sidestroke. Set 2: two laps vigorous backstroke. Needed an extra minute to recover after this one. Set 3: Slightly less than one lap back crawl, but got a faceful of water. I choked and spluttered a bit and had to stop. After that, I tried to do a lap of vigorous breastroke...

posted on: Jun 7, 2010 | author: DiabeticMama

UltraSimple Diet: Laying in Supplies

Before starting the UltraSimple Diet, make sure you have what you need in the way of supplements and such. I mostly order online, so that’s what I’ve been doing. Today, however, I just got an email from one of the companies I ordered from telling me a couple of supplements have been back ordered. I wonder if there’s been a run on these products from all the folks preparing to do the UltraSimple diet this month? Of course, I could have taken the path of least resistance and ordered directly from Dr. Hyman’s website, but I have a problem with docs selling product directly to their patients. The possibilities for letting self interest take precedence over the patient’s...

posted on: Jun 7, 2010 | author: DiabeticMama

Exercise: Day 8

Went to LA Fitness to swim. It’s been a few extra days between workouts (went to Disney on Saturday and walked and walked and walked). The Pool was chilly and empty when I arrived, but while I was there both other lanes were occupied. To warm up, I swam three easy laps of the breaststroke, then rested 2 minutes. Swam two laps easy backstroke, then rested 2 minutes. Swam two laps vigorous sidestroke, then rested 2 minutes. Swam two laps vigorous backstroke, then rested 3 min. Swam 1-1/2 laps vigorous breaststroke then rested/finished. Soacked for 10 minutes in the hot tub. Spent five minutes in the sauna at setting 8. I’m still not very good at this sauna...

posted on: Jun 4, 2010 | author: DiabeticMama

The UltraSimple Diet: Getting Ready

Before you can lose weight effectively you have to remove toxins and inflammation from your system, according to Dr. Mark Hyman. We’re all exposed to toxins throughout our lives: polluted air and water, environmental contaminants and heavy metals like mercury in our food supply are a fact of life. Toxins accumulate in fat cells, so overweight and toxicity go together. When we accumulate too many toxins, our livers suffer damage and we develop “fatty liver.” Before we can lose weight, we need to clean out our livers and get rid of the toxins in our cells. Most of us also suffer from inflammation. This is most commonly caused by food allergies. When a foreign invader enters a cell,...

posted on: Jun 3, 2010 | author: DiabeticMama

Train Your Brain

Your brain is computer central for your body. It’s not just the place you stash your stray thoughts, figure out equations, or daydream. Your brain tells the rest of you what to do. Heart, beat! Lungs, expand! Kidneys. . . you get the idea. We’ve known for years that meditation, the deep meditation practiced by Zen monks, produces tremendous health benefits. Now there’s a way to enjoy those benefits without spending hours learning to meditate. It’s called entrainment or brain entrainment, and it’s as easy as listening to an album. In a nutshell, here’s how it works. When different low-frequency sounds are fed into each ear separately through headphones, your brain waves change to adapt to them. In...

Train Your Brain
posted on: Jun 2, 2010 | author: DiabeticMama

Exercise: Day 7

This was not officially part of my PACE exercise program, but it definitely qualifies as exercise in my book! Living in Central Florida, we get to take advantage of some Walt Disney World© special rates offered to Florida residents. We decided to visit the Magic Kingdom® since we hadn’t been there in a good long while. We walked. And walked. And walked some more. I don’t know the actual distances involved since I don’t have a pedometer (note to self: invest in a pedometer!), but it was a lot! Then at the end of the evening we power walked for at least a half mile to beat the crowds leaving. (We did it, too!) I also noticed some...

posted on: Jun 2, 2010 | author: DiabeticMama

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