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Exercise: Day 2

On Wednesday afternoon I drove back to LA Fitness. The place was even emptier on Wednesday than it was on Monday. One woman came in from the pool as I was changing, and there were a couple of guys swimming laps when I got out there. I did pretty much the same as on Monday, with one important difference. Even though my arm muscles weren’t exactly sore, they were letting me know that they’d been used and weren’t accustomed to it. I kept telling them it was good for them, but they weren’t buying it. . . After my “swim sprints” I hopped into the hot tub for about 10 minutes. Total time in the gym: 30...

posted on: Apr 9, 2010 | author: DiabeticMama

Exercise: Day 1

Today I exercised in the pool for the first time in a couple of years. Yay for me! I headed out to my local LA Fitness around 2 PM. This was a great time, as the place was nearly deserted. I didn’t see any women out in the gym — all guys, which was a bit intimidating — but there was another woman in the pool when I went in so that was good. Once I got into the pool I followed my plan. I couldn’t actually time myself or check my heart rate as the clock was so high up on the wall I couldn’t really read it without my glasses, but that’s ok for now. I...

posted on: Apr 8, 2010 | author: DiabeticMama

The Three Pillars

I like to think of wellness as needing three pillars to stand on its own, or three legs of a stool if that image works better for you. The three pillars are: Diet and Nutrition Fitness Brain Health The Diet and Nutrition pillar is obvious. If we don’t put the good stuff in, we don’t get the good results we want. Fitness doesn’t mean running a lot of miles, lifting hundreds of pounds of weights or working out for hours in the gym. It means engaging in the right physical activity — and the right kind of rest — to get the maximum results in terms of heart and lung health in the shortest time. Because I really...

The Three Pillars
posted on: Apr 3, 2010 | author: DiabeticMama